‘Rebelde’ is Back in First Teaser Trailer – This Time on Netflix

Lead Photo: Netflix
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There’s a Rebelde for every generation. The popular Argentine telenovela Rebelde Way, which was later adapted by Televisa into the even more popular telenovela Rebelde is coming back, this time to Netflix. There it’s poised to reach even more people than the two previous adaptations did. Netflix introduced the first tease during its TUDUM event, which took place on Saturday, September 25th.

“Y soy rebelde,” the characters sing, as the camera pans from one to the next, and other students walk the school hallway without any care in the world or any questions as to why their classmates are suddenly singing. There’s a lot of glitter to the uniforms, the skirts are still a little shorter than most of us were allowed to wear, but there’s also there’s something distinctly 2021 and even a little preppy about the vibe.

This is, after all, a reboot, not a remake. It’s happening in the same world, but it’s not set to feature the same characters. The originals already made their mark, this new series is trying to allow new people to do the same.  

The Rebelde theme song was made famous by the Televisa version of the telenovela, which would go on to make RBD, as well as some of its stars, household names. In fact, the series itself is a little meta, as it focuses on a group of students who form a band – RBD – which then goes on to great success. This would translate to reality, as RBD, would indeed become one of the most famous bands in Latin America at the time. 

Elite Way’s new students will include Azul Guaita as Jana Cohen, Sergio Mayer Mori as Estebán, Andrea Chaparro as M.J, Jeronimo Cantillo as Dixon, Franco Masini as Luka Colucci, Lizeth Selene as Andi, Alejandro Puente as Sebastián Langarica-Funtanet and Giovanna Grigio as Emilia. Estefanía Villareal will reprise her role of Celina Ferrer, except, this time, she will be the principal of her former school. 

The new Rebelde will premiere on Netflix March 1st, 2022.