‘Rebelde’ Star Never Liked RBD’s Music – Here’s the Response He Got

Lead Photo: Netflix
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Sergio Mayer Mori isn’t a big fan of the original RBD. Mori, who stars as Estéban in the Netflix revival of Rebelde, probably shouldn’t have shared that with the general public. But he did, and the response from fans was, predictably, not good. Of course, fans of the show and the band would have probably been upset with such a proclamation of “hate” from any celebrity. 

But Mori isn’t just any celebrity. He’s part of a group that’s supposed to be carrying on the legacy of the band through the new Netflix show.

However, the response from fans – who went as far as to ask for Mori to be recast on Rebelde – wasn’t Mori’s biggest problem. Instead, he caught the attention of someone even more important. Carlos Lara, producer and musical genius behind some of RBD’s greatest hits. 

Lara responded on a Facebook post, with some pointed language saying that he was “not at all offended” by Mori’s comments, and celebrating his honesty.

Han insistido en preguntarme si no me “ofende” la opinión que un actor llamado Sergio Mayer Mori tiene acerca de la…

Posted by Carlos Lara on Tuesday, January 11, 2022

But Lara was also clear that RBD is part of pop music history and personally, he’s very proud and grateful to be part of the group of people that helped create the phenomenon. The rest, as he said, “is subjective.”

Finally, he wished Mori “at least one percent of the success RBD had” on Rebelde. Which, honestly, would be a lot. RBD left some big shoes to fill, even if Mori – who later apologized for his comments – doesn’t seem all that interested in filling them.