Netflix Is Reportedly Making a New Version of ‘Rebelde Way’

Lead Photo: Photo by Amir Mukhtar / Moment
Photo by Amir Mukhtar / Moment
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Before Anahí was Mía Colucci, Luisana Lopilato portrayed the character. From 2002 to 2003, she played the pampered Mía on Rebelde Way, the Argentine telenovela that led to several remakes, including Rebelde. And while the Mexican version of the show may be one its most popular, the original set the foundation. And now it looks like Netflix is going to reboot Rebelde Way.

In an interview with radio show Basta de todo, the show’s creator, Cris Morena, said she sold the rights to the show to Netflix. “I’ve already spoken to the showrunner they chose, who is Mexican-American, and they told me that the characters will remain exactly the same and that they need to condense Rebelde Way‘s 400 episodes into 20, and then there’ll be another 20, and after that another 20,” she said on the show, according to La Nación.

This means we’ll get another Mía, and we’ll continue to see the adventures of rich kids at fancy prep school Elite Way. There’s no other information about who will star in the supposed reboot or when it will come to the streaming service.