Robert Rodriguez Has a Band Named Chingón & Other Facts From His Tweets of Sin City 2 Premiere

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Sin City 2 opened this weekend at theaters nationwide, but the real fun was had last Tuesday night when Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez’s stylish, genre-bending creation officially premiered at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. While for some reason my invitation never came in (thanks USPS!), we were still able to live our glamorous celebrity fantasies vicariously through Twitter. Here’s 5 things we learned along the way.

Turns out in addition to being a Hollywood hotshot, renaissance-man Robert Rodriguez has a band… and he keeps it real by playing Santana’s signature sunburst PRS guitar.

(And apparently Bruce Willis plays the harmonica, a pastime he no doubt picked up to calm his nerves after narrowly escaping numerous explosions of the course of his career.)

We probably all agree that New York could use a Chinese theater or two.

Turns out Steven Tyler’s a fan. Is it just us or does this dude look like a lady these days? (Yeah, we had to go there.)

Being a famous director has its perks, while being a comic book writer will only get you within a few feet of the talent. Don’t worry, Frank Miller, you’re closer than I’ll ever be.

True friendship lasts forever. Although it helps to have someone like Jessica Alba to bring you together.