TRAILER: In Robert Rodriguez’s Virtual Reality Short ‘The Limit,’ You Are One of the Protagonists

Lead Photo: 'The Limit' courtesy of STX.
'The Limit' courtesy of STX.
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Earlier this year it was announced that Michelle Rodriguez would be playing the lead in director Robert Rodriguez’s virtual reality game/film, The Limit. This project is the latest to display Rodriguez’s interest in the applications of technology in cinema – his other upcoming film, Alita: Battle Angel,is expected to portray the most photorealistic CGI characters we’ve ever seen on screen. Now, audiences are getting their first glimpse of The Limit in a new trailer.

The trailer opens with an individual rocking an Oculus-esque device to convey that this is a feature film told entirely through a VR headset. The story unfolds from there, showing Michelle Rodriguez’s “super assassin,” M-13, who must help you defeat a series of baddies following of you, one of whom is The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus. The player will star as an agent with a “mysterious past” that gets uncovered by playing The Limit.

With its shoot ’em up gameplay, there’s enough flash to attract any serious gamer –  as well as some gross-out elements; Michelle handing you your teeth should be interesting. But Robert Rodriguez hopes you’ll be equally enmeshed in the 20-minute story that plays out. Accompanying the game is a host of DVD-like bonus content including director commentary, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.

We don’t get much background on the plot from this trailer, maybe because it’s meant to be perceived more as a video game, which have limited stories. The action looks high octane, and the headset view seems like a clear appeal to video game players first. Robert Rodriguez hopes to make this an action franchise for Michelle Rodriguez and we certainly need to see her in more things, so if this helps then let’s suit up!

The Limit can be purchased now on all VR platforms starting at $4.99.