Roberto Duran Biopic ‘Hands of Stone’ Finally Gets a Release Date

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What could possibly be better than a Hollywood biopic about a Panamanian boxer starring two of the most talented Latin American actors working in the industry today? Well, imagine that same movie with Robert De Niro. Now imagine supporting turns from Usher and John Turturro. Now it’s even better, right?

Obviously you’ve already caught wind of the upcoming feature Hands of Stone, starring Venezolano Edgar Ramírez as Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Durán, alongside De Niro as his American trainer Ray Arcel. Mostly because we’ve been closely following the project’s development since principal photography was wrapped over two years ago. Now, nearly a year after the film was picked up for distribution at the Cannes Film Festival, we’re pleased to announce that Hands of Stone has an official release date of August 26, 2016 when it will open on over 2,000 screens nationwide.

Hands of Stone dramatizes the humble origins and standout career of the former world title-holder from his upbringing in the slums of Panama City to his well documented rivalry with “Sugar” Ray Leonard. Consistently ranked as one of the greatest boxers of all time, Durán finally ended his 34-year professional professional career back in 2002, at the ripe age of 50. It’s not entirely clear whether the biopic will focus in on one specific moment in the brawler’s career or go with more of an “epic arc” approach, but it is clear that Durán’s special relationship with Arcel will be the dramatic axis of the film.

Usher will play Durán’s arch-nemesis “Sugar” Ray Leonard, who humiliated Manos de Piedra in an infamous 1980 rematch, while Rubén Blades will play Panamanian TV magnate and politician Fernando Eleta. For his part, John Turturro will be embodying boxing impresario and notorious New York gangster Frankie Carbo. Mark your calendars, because this one looks promising.

Roberto Duran and Edgar Ramirez
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Hands of Stone opens in theaters across the country on August 26, 2016.