Ronda Rousey to Star in Remake of Cheesy 80s Action Flick ‘Road House’

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In case you missed the memo, it turns out Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey is actually a proud part-Latina, with Afro-Venezuelan ancestry coming from her judo master mother’s side of the family, which means we have yet another fierce Latina dominating the world of global sports and entertainment. And she’s just getting started. That’s right, after lending her endearing smile and imposing shoulders to a series of cameo roles in action franchises like The Expendables 3 and Furious 7, Rousey has officially embarked on a career as a Hollywood leading lady.

Just a few weeks ago, it was announced that she would be playing herself in a biopic co-written by her sports journalist sister, María Burns Ortiz, and we now have confirmation that Rousey will be invoking the late, great Patrick Swayze in a reboot of the 1989 guilty pleasure Road House. Yes, Road House is now 26 years old, which means Hollywood can revive its carcass and try to beat a few million more box office receipts out of the widely derided but eminently likable Americana action film.

In case you missed it, the original featured Swayze as an East Coast bouncer sent on a special mission to a small-town Missouri bar, only to take on a Middle-American mafioso and his minions when he discovers they hold the town in a Missouri death grip. While no screenplay has been written for the upcoming reboot yet, we can expect it to follow a similar arc, except the blows will be dealt by a deadly Latina, who also happens to be one of the most badass professional athletes as of late. Rousey also reportedly spoke with Swayze’s widow to ask for her blessing to pursue the project, which she was granted without much ado.

But don’t worry, Rowdy’s still an MMA fighter through and through. Her agent has assured fans that her shooting dates will be worked around her training schedule.