Sebastián Yatra Makes Acting Debut in Netflix Miniseries He Calls ‘Anti-Fairytale’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Youtube/Netflix
Courtesy of Youtube/Netflix
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Singer Sebastián Yatra made his acting debut Friday (March 11) on the Netflix comedy-fantasy Once Upon a Time … Happily Never After.

The miniseries from Spain, which is called Érase Una Vez (Pero Ya No) in Spanish, starts its narrative in the Middle Ages in a town under a spell that prevents its residents from falling in love. The story follows two lovers who are tasked with breaking the spell but whose plans are disrupted with the arrival of a pair of tourists.

On the show, Yatra plays a poor fisherman named Diego who falls in love with a princess. When he realizes that he will never be accepted by the kingdom, he decides to prove his worth by going to war. He also turns to a sorceress to help him keep the princess from falling in love with anyone else while he’s away. When Diego doesn’t return, he must find a way to reunite with the princess hundreds of years later.

“It’s like an anti-fairytale,” Sebastián Yatra told the L.A. Times. “It is a series that is quite crazy, like Manolo [Caro] the director, and like me and the whole cast. I can tell you that [viewers] are going to laugh a lot.”

Along with its satirical sense of humor, the six-episode Once Upon a Time … Happily Never After includes some musical interludes, too. Joining Yatra on the “anti-fairytale” musical adventure are actors Nia Correia, Mónica Maranillo, Asier Etxeandia, Mariana Treviño, Mariola Fuentes and Itziar Castro, among others.

Once Upon a Time … Happily Never After is currently streaming on Netflix.