Watch Sasha Calle’s Reaction When She Learns She’s DC’s New Supergirl

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Colombian American actress Sasha Calle (TV’s The Young and the Restless) was just cast as DC Universe’s new Supergirl, the first Latina Supergirl in DC history. Calle received the news during a video call with Argentine director Andy Muschietti (It Chapter Two), who is directing The Flash, the 2022 movie where Supergirl will make her cinematic debut.

Muschietti began the video call by telling Calle that he still doesn’t have an answer about who has been cast to play Supergirl but that he needs to ask her a few more questions.

“Yes, ask them, please,” Calle says. “I’ve been dying over here. I’m not gonna lie.”

Then, Muschietti asks a simple question that seems to confuse Calle. “Can you fly?” he asks.

“Can I fly? What do you mean can I fly?” Calle asks before Muschietti clarifies that he wants to know if she can physically fly. “If you need me to.”

After settling on the fact that Calle doesn’t have flying capabilities, Muschietti asks her if she wants to fly. “Yeah, I would love to,” Calle responds.

Muschietti then reaches to the left, off camera, and brings into Calle’s view a red and blue Supergirl suit with the iconic “S” emblem.
“OK, well then maybe you will need this,” he says. “You’re Supergirl. Felicitaciones!”

It takes a second to realize what is happening before Calle’s emotions take over and she begins to cry tears of happiness.

“Estas bien, Sasha?” Muschietti asks, smiling.

Once the tears clear up, Calle asks if she “can freak out for a second.” Then she turns to someone off camera and says, “I got it.”

We’re pretty sure Calle can fly now.