Gomez Gone Wild: Harmony Korine’s "Spring Breakers" Official Trailer Drops

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

Back in August we showed you a sneak peek of Harmony Korine’s upcoming film Spring Breakers, starring a bunch of former Disney stars (including Selena Gomez) who are clearly hell bent on erasing their squeaky clean public personas. Well, except for Vanessa Hudgens – girl, you dropped the ball on that one a minute ago.

While the clips released so far have a brooding, languorous pace, the official trailer makes me want to get a Zipcar account, just so I can rent a convertible, just so I can drive around Manhattan with the top down in a bikini blasting M.I.A.’s Bad Girls and screaming SPRING BREAK FOREVER BISHESSSSS.

That’s just how I feel. Check out the trailer below: