Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Shades of Blue’ Will Come to an End With Season 3

Lead Photo: Jennifer Lopez as Detective Harlee Santos. (Photo: Peter Kramer/NBC)
Jennifer Lopez as Detective Harlee Santos. (Photo: Peter Kramer/NBC)
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Fans of Jennifer Lopez’s cop character Harlee Santos in NBC’s Shades of Blue are receiving good news and bad news. The network has announced the popular dirty cop drama will return Sunday, June 17th – but unfortunately, the 10-episode season will be the series’ last.

Premiering in 2016 to solid ratings, Shades of Blue was a “flagship show” for NBC. The series followed Santos’ character as she navigated life, love, and corrupt cops in her precinct. In a prepared statement discussing the end of the series Lopez says she’s “grateful” to the creators of the show. She also mentions that the series created a “poetic” send-off for her character, “which is true redemption.” Of course, the conclusion of Shades of Blue doesn’t mean Lopez is leaving NBC entirely. She’ll remain a judge on the dance competition series World of Dance and she’s still set to star in a televised performance of the musical Bye Bye Birdie sometime next year.

With an uptick in Latina-led television series of late, it’s amazing that Shades of Blue has made it three seasons, especially with streaming and premium cable continuing to dominate. Lopez has found new life in television and it’s not surprising that she’s looking to diversify her involvement in the medium that’s helping further her career and give her time to focus on other branding. With Lopez doing so many other things on NBC there’s no doubt that fans of hers will continue to get their fix.