‘Sons of Anarchy’ Spinoff Will Center on Rival Biker Gang the Mayans

Lead Photo: 'Sons of Anarchy' photo by Prashant Gupta. Courtesy of FX
'Sons of Anarchy' photo by Prashant Gupta. Courtesy of FX
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The Mayans are coming. No, we’re not talking about the numerous Mayan-speaking ethnic groups of Southern Mexico and Guatemala – they’ve been around for a while. We’re talking about Oakland, California’s fictional Chicano outlaw biker gang. Yeah, the ones who beefed on and off with the Central Valley’s beloved Sons of Anarchy throughout seven season’s of FX’s wildly popular bro-love crime drama of the same name.

Apparently taking a tip from AMC’s prequel gambit Fear the Walking Dead, which premiered recently to mixed reviews and astronomical Nielsen ratings, it seems FX and Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter feel there’s still life in the network’s most successful original series yet. As of now, details are still scarce – including whether the now untitled spinoff will be a prequel or a continuation of the SoA universe – but we do know that there will be plenty of badass bigotudos riding custom choppers.

Of course, anyone familiar with Sons of Anarchy knows that the bandana-wearing cholos weren’t exactly the type of folks you’d want to bring home to mami and papi, especially given their deep involvement in prostitution and heroin manufacturing. But much like the gunrunners at the SAMCRO, we can be confident Sutter will bring us a deeper look at the loyalties and complex warrior codes that bind these proud outlaws together en las buenas y en las malas.

Sutter is currently putting a production team together for the upcoming series, but we have no specifics about when to expect cameras to roll.