Speedy Gonzales Gets His Own ‘Space Jam’ Sequel Movie Poster

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The “Fastest Mouse in all Mexico” is officially a member of Team Tune Squad for the upcoming sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Monday afternoon (March 29), Warner Bros. released individual character posters for the movie, which hits theaters and HBO Max July 16, and Speedy Gonzales received his very own one.

The poster features an image of Speedy wearing a Tune Squad jersey and his recognizable sombrero and red ascot. It looks as though he’s shooting a right-handed layup with a big smile on his face, probably because he’s so quick and was able to get down the court for an uncontested fast break.

Other Looney Tunes characters who also received their own poster and will join NBA superstar LeBron James on the court for the new adventure are Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Tweety, Daffy Duck, Roadrunner and Taz.

Lending his voice to Speedy in the sequel is actor and stand up comedian Gabriel Iglesias (TV’s Mr. Iglesias).

In recent weeks, a debate has brewed online between fans of Speedy and those who think the cartoon character portrays negative Mexican stereotypes.

Iglesias chimed in himself earlier this month about the issue by saying “U can’t catch me cancel culture.”

We’re not sure if Speedy is in the starting lineup for the Tune Squad, but we’re hoping he might be the go-to point guard this time around. He rode the bench for most of the 1996 film, but we’re guessing he’s worked on his game over the last 25 years and can now toss up treys like Steph Curry.