‘Squid Game’-Inspired Corn Tortillas Available Just in Time for the Holidays

Lead Photo: Credit: YoungYu Park/Netflix
Credit: YoungYu Park/Netflix
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If you are one of the millions of Netflix users who have seen the South Korean dystopian action series Squid Game, it’s likely that you know how an umbrella, star, circle, and triangle symbol are used in one of the deadly games played on the series.

In Squid Game, contestants are challenged to use a needle to cut specific shapes that are embedded into a piece of candy (dalgona) without breaking it. Break the candy, lose your life.

In Los Angeles, Masa Catalina, a company that makes tortillas and other baked goods, has incorporated the same shapes used in Squid Game into their tortillas. Customers can now order handmade Squid Game-inspired corn tortillas by the dozen. Each tortilla de maiz is cooked with one of the four Squid Game shapes used in the dalgona challenge.

Masa Catalina is owned by Filipina-American Nicole Carrasco and her husband, Mexican-American Andres Carrasco. Nicole has been experimenting with organic corn and making masa for years. She calls her artsy Squid Game creations “designer tortillas.”

“It really takes a lot of time,” Nicole told L.A. Taco. “The masa itself is not that easy to peel off or work with because it has a certain softness, so to retain the shape requires a lot of time. But I have fun making it and my nephew has fun, so it’s all good.”

Order your squid game tortillas from Carrasco from her Instagram account. We’ve already ordered ours and can’t wait to cut out the triangle by nibbling around it. We’ll probably dip whatever is left in some fideo loco.