Popular K-Drama ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Getting Spanish Language Remake at Telemundo

Lead Photo: SBS Korea
SBS Korea
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Spanish-speaking K-drama fans have something to celebrate. The K-drama hit Stairway to Heaven, or Escalera al Cielo, is getting a Latine remake on Telemundo. The South Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) made the announcement at a press conference in Los Angeles, exciting K-drama fans.

Telemundo viewers have already enjoyed the wildly successful Kdrama when it was aired on the network dubbed in Spanish. The dubbed version was such a success that the South Korean and North American networks worked together to create a Spanish-language remake for the fans.

The show is a 20-episode epic following the love of Jung-Seo and Song-Joo. The two characters met in childhood and viewers get to watch their love story grow. Yet, as the two fall in love, time and a tragedy separate them from being able to become the romantic couple they long to be.

In addition, outside forces and jealousy from other characters force the two apart despite the obvious love they hold for each other. Sabotage and interference even leave the lovers living on different continents as the story of their love unravels, to the viewers’ dismay.

For so many fans, Stairway to Heaven was the first K-drama they ever watched. Now, with a chance to see a Latine take on the show, we are excited to see our own version and what parts of our communities can be added to the story many know and love.