‘Andor’ Introduces New Character & How It Leads Into ‘Rogue One’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Lucasfilm
Courtesy of Lucasfilm
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Whatever questions fans might have had about what happened in a galaxy far, far away between the prequel trilogy and the original trilogy might soon have an answer. In a conversation with Empire, creator Tony Gilroy went into detail about where exactly the new Andor series falls in the Star Wars timeline and what gaps it’s supposed to fill.

Gilroy confirmed that the scale of the show is huge, explaining that since directors work in blocks of three episodes, season 1 is set to have four blocks, with three episodes each. The blocks will look more or less the same for season two, except the time frame will be different. Season 1 will take place over the course of one year, with the second season exploring the other four years – with each block spanning one of those years. The end of season 2 will then lead into Rogue One, and the story we already know.

No other Rogue One cast members have been announced to be reprising his role, though Alan Tudyk’s K-2SO seems like a safe bet to join Cassian Andor’s escapades in Season 2. But we were shown Stellan Skarsgård’s brand new character Luthen Rael in a new picture with Luna’s Cassian.

Andor is set to follow Diego Luna’s character Cassian, who, alongside the Rogue One crew, sacrificed his life to get the plans to the Death Star to the Rebellion and Princess Leia Organa. Without him and the other heroes of Rogue One, Luke Skywalker might have never gotten the chance to destroy the Death Star in A New Hope. But before Rogue One, Cassian had a story – the Rebellion had a story – and that’s exactly what Andor will explore.

Luna previously described the story as the journey of a migrant, sharing that this point of view is at the center of who Cassian is and what he is willing to do.

Andor will premiere on Disney+ on August 31st. The show is set to run for two seasons.