Sundance Channel Launches in Latin America and Will Feature "Jovenes Cineastas"

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Sundance Channel the ever champion of independent film has decided to go global. Just a few weeks ago it launched in Latin America. Thanks to a partnership with DirecTV the channel will be available in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. And there are talks of starting a separate Portuguese language channel in Brazil.

Let’s hope that it won’t just be another place to watch American indie films with Spanish subtitles. Recent programming includes Kevin Smith’s Clerks (hilariously translated to Vendedores) Adam Leon’s Gimme the Loot (Graffiteros), the celebrity confessional show The Mortified Sessions 101 (Las Sesiones Mortificadas 101), and the Spanish film El juego del ahorcado.

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In the States, the Sundance channel heavily favors American independent film in its programming. But for the new incarnation, the channel wants to provide a platform (via the internet) for young Latin American filmmakers. The hope is to promote new talent and foster creativity. Every month they will spotlight a new Latino project via a social media blast. A dedicated YouTube channel will showcase the director’s work, an interview with the filmmaker will appear on the Sundance Channel Latin America blog, and shoutouts on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #SCJovenesCineastas will help raise visibility.

Keep an eye out for the hashtag #SCJovenesCineastas to see who they pick as their monthly “Sundance Channel Jovenes Cineastas.” Keep your fingers crossed that they can launch some new Latino talent.

For those interested in submitting projects for consideration send an email to:

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