‘Superstore’ Gets Spanish Language Adaptation, ‘Supertitlan’

Lead Photo: Tyler Golden/NBC
Tyler Golden/NBC
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While Superstore will end it’s six season run in the United States in March, Variety reports that a Spanish language adaptation set in Mexico is in the works.

The critically acclaimed workplace sitcom is set to end it’s run on March 25 with an hour long special episode, however, the show’s format is usually a half hour. The Mexican adaptation will be 48 episodes, each will be an hour long.

Supertitlan already has a writers room working, and a casting and broadcast partner is expected to be revealed soon.

NBCUniversal Formats has partnered with Mexican production outfit Dopamine (“Hernán”, “Amarres”), making this the first co-production partnership based in Mexico and the first time one of NBCUniversal’s scripted titles will be adapted in Spanish for the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets.

No word on how similar the plots of the show will be, however, it is expected to have an immigration storyline similar to the character Mateo (Nico Santos), a Filipino undocumented immigrant who was picked up by ICE in one of the show’s most poignant episodes. The show is a critical darling as it explored class and racial disparities in the United States, and detailed the lives of a diverse group of employees working in a midwestern big box store.

Whether or not social justice plotlines will be part of the show, is debatable. Mexico, until 2015, refused to recognize Afro Mexicans, leaving the option completely off of their census. And the country is consistently siding with the upper classes, most recently removing tampons with plastic applicators, leaving women from lower economic classes and those living in poverty, with no options for feminine health.