Netflix Follows Up ‘Club de Cuervos’ With New Black Comedy From Mexican Director Manolo Caro

Lead Photo: 'La Casa de las Flores' still courtesy of Netflix
'La Casa de las Flores' still courtesy of Netflix
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Late last year, Netflix announced that they would be complimenting their growing body of Spanish-language original series with an untitled black comedy from Mexican director Manolo Caro. Caro’s has already made a name for himself with a prolific output of commercially oriented romantic comedies, and his latest is slated to stand alongside other Mexican originals like Club de Cuervos and the upcoming Ingobernable, starring Kate del Castillo. Like those titles, Netflix’s latest will bank on big name actors like Cecilia Suárez, Aislinn Derbez, and Verónica Castro as it tells the story of a wealthy patriarch who, after the death of his mistress, reveals he has been hiding a secret family and moves to bring them into the fold despite resistance from his wife and children.

While the series was slated to begin shooting this year, a first teaser has been published by Netflix Latin America, and consists of a stylish tracking shot that wends its way through what appears to be the fictional family’s estate without a single cut. Over a minute and a half, the show’s stars alternately bark orders at domestic staff, lounge about drinking wine and laughing, and put the finishing touches on an outfit, before the camera reveals an elaborate flower arrangement bearing the Netflix logo.

All the flowers, of course, are in reference to the family flower business, which apparently has made a pretty penny for the clan, and the trope will likely provide ample material for the narrative. Unfortunately we still know little in the way of plot, or even release dates, but Netflix will undoubtedly keep pumping out strategically-timed content to keep this show on our radars. Now we just have to sit tight till we can get more details.