The 51st New York Film Festival: Latin Flick Picks

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The 51st New York Film Festival is like TriBeCa Film Festival’s older, graceful, sometimes snobby but really smart sister who everyone wants to sleep with, thus bringing the cream of the crop of filmmaking from around the globe to our wonderful city from September 27 – October 13th. Pooling films from international festivals like Cannes, Venice and TIFF, NYFF has over 30 features and a schedule of programs including Emerging Artists, Shorts, Revivals, and this year’s How Democracy Works Now focusing on the ongoing debate of immigration with nine documentaries! We know how overwhelming deciding what to watch can be so we’ve picked out those films you’ll feel connected to. Check out the full schedule to NYFF HERE!

Official Selection

Sebastián Lelio | 2013 | Chile

[insert-video youtube=IZV8SH5UcCA]

Gloria is a middle-aged woman quietly preparing herself for the inevitable loneliness of old age. That is, until she meets Rodolfo, a kind man who sparks something within her she thought to be long gone. A wise, funny and sometimes melancholy film, watch this one with your Moms.

Inside Llewyn Davis
Joel & Ethan Coen | 2013 | USA

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Guatemalan actor Oscar Isaac plays the title role as a down and out folk singer set in the nostalgic setting of NYC in the 60’s. If Bob Dylan playing during the whole Instagram-filtered trailer and the stellar cast isn’t enough to convince you, rest assured, Oscar Isaac is going places!

Emerging Artists pays homage to Mexican filmmaker Fernando Eimbcke, presenting his latest comedy ‘Club Sandwich’ as well as ‘Lake Tahoe’ and ‘Duck Season’.

Club Sandwich
Fernando Eimbcke | 2013 | Mexico

[insert-video youtube=1PCzjhT5DIE]

This slow-burn comedy follows Paloma and Hector, a mother and son on vacation and their coming to grips with puberty, separation, sexual awakening and a summer of love.

Marking Up The Dream
Michael Camerini & Shari Robertson | 2013 | USA

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A documentary film on the ‘Dream Act’ and the passionate student activists who are fighting for it. This film goes behind closed doors and shows us what happens when the government decides the fates of millions.

Who Is Dayani Cristal?
Marc Silver | 2013 | USA/Mexico

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A hybrid documentary that follows forensic anthropologists as they try to determine the identity of a body found along the Arizona border, along with Gael Garcia Bernal playing a migrant making his way to the US border.