The Angulo Brothers Explain How They Remade ‘The Dark Knight’ in Their New York City Apartment

The Wolfpack is a documentary about a group of siblings who are locked away in a New York City apartment by their overprotective Peruvian father. Home-schooled and rarely allowed to go outside, the brood passes the time remaking their favorite movies. After getting a hold of a film, they re-watch it over and over painstakingly transcribing every single line of dialogue. They take great care in making their own props and costumes using ordinary household items like yoga mats and cereal boxes. They even take turns directing, starring, and shooting their projects.

We talked to Govinda and Mukunda Angulo, subjects of the doc, at the New York premiere screening during the Tribeca Film Festival. Hit play on the video above to find out exactly how they reenacted The Dark Knight and what other movies were their favorite to remake.

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The Wolfpack opens in theaters on June 12, 2015. Visit the movie’s site for details.