The Grandchildren of the Cuban Revolution Speak Up!

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It’s been more than 50 years since the Cuban revolution that turned the island-nation resting 90-miles away from the coast of Florida into a communist state and Cold-War-era America’s number one enemy. Fifty-years later, despite the fall of its biggest backer, the Soviet Union, the island is still ruled by the same regime that brought forth the revolution. Yet, the country has slowly changed in the last few. Since Fidel Castro stepped down as president in 2008 to allow his brother to assume the title, the government has planned to cut one million jobs in order to boost the private sector as well as freed political prisoners, and Castro himself even has expressed doubts that the methods used over the last half-century had worked.

Along with this impending sense of change comes a generation raised to know nothing other than a Cuba ruled by the same men that came to power in 1959, the “Grandchildren of the Revolution“. Filmed under cover by director Carlos Montaner, the “Grandchildren of the Cuban Revolution” interviews several disillusioned and cynical Cuban youths, who feel disconnected from the ideals of the country’s leadership. Presented by Raices de Esperanza, a non-profit group that sponsors academic and cultural initiatives focused on empowering young people in Cuba, the “Grandchildren of the Cuban Revolution” will be shown at the Colony Theater on Lincoln Road at 7pm, followed by a panel discussion.

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