‘The Last of Us’ First Reactions Have Arrived & All Agree on Pedro Pascal’s Performance

Lead Photo: Courtesy of HBO
Courtesy of HBO
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Critic reactions to the highly anticipated HBO series The Last of Us, starring Pedro Pascal, started pouring in today. And fans of the video game are now wishing even harder that the January 15 premiere was already here.

As of press time, The Last of Us is boasting a phenomenal 98 percent score on RottenTomatoes with 43 reviews published. The Wrap called the series “an engaging and refreshing rendering of a popular genre story” while The Hollywood Reporter called it “the best video game adaptation ever made for the big or small screen.”

Praise for the series was pretty much the same on social media where those lucky enough to see the series early only had great things to say about it.

Remezcla trending news editor Lyra Hale, who is a fan of the original PlayStation video game, wrote that the series “made me fall in love with these characters all over again.”

“Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are Joel and Ellie on [The Last of Us],” she posted. “No ifs, ands, or buts.”

Other viewers like Hale, who also consider themselves “super invested” in the video game, seemed to jump on board as soon as they finished watching the entire first season.

“I was optimistic about the show because of the people involved, but naturally skeptical of retelling this story,” tweeted IndieWire film critic David Ehrlich. “I’ve seen the whole first season and…they f—ing NAILED it.”

Many people, of course, gave series leads Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey credit for making the series something special.

“I’ve seen [The Last of Us] & having not played the game, I still felt like I could immerse myself in this world,” Meredith Loftus of Collider tweeted. “At the heart of this series is Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey bringing life to Joel and Ellie. Their chemistry is truly phenomenal.”

Film critic Ren LaRoy also loved the series, calling it “absorbing, heartbreaking and cathartic” and “a story about hope.”

“[The Last of Us] holds true to the faithful essentials but expands on profound narrative and meaningful pathos,” he wrote. “Pascal and Ramsey are perfect in this beautifully told story about love, finding connection in the darkest times.”

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