TRAILER: X-Men Spinoff ‘The New Mutants’ Features Latino & Native American Superheroes

Lead Photo: Courtesy of 21st Century Fox / Disney
Courtesy of 21st Century Fox / Disney
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After getting a glimpse of what a Latino superhero could do on the big screen in 2018’s Oscar-winning animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, it looks like we might be on track for a Latino superhero to carry his or her own live-action franchise sometime in the near future.

Evidence of that can be found in the new trailer for The New Mutants, which is based on the Marvel Comics team of the same name. The trailer features a fascinating blend of characters, including a Brazilian mutant named Roberto da Costa (a.k.a Sunspot), who can manipulate solar energy and a Native American mutant named Danielle Moonstar (a.k.a. Mirage), who has the power to create illusions based on a person’s fears and desires.

Brazilian actor Henry Zaga (Teen Wolf) stars as Sunspot, while Lakota actress Blu Hunt (The Originals) portrays Mirage. Along with Zaga and Hunt, Brazilian actress Alice Braga (TV’s Queen of the South) stars in the film as Cecilia Reyes, a doctor with extraordinary powers and Argentine actress Anya Taylor-Joy (Split), who joins the team as a Russian mutant with teleportation abilities.

The trailer begins with Danielle waking up handcuffed in a hospital after surviving some kind of fiery catastrophe. “The reason you survived is because you’re a very uncommon girl,” Dr. Reyes explains to her. She then introduces Danielle to other young mutants, including Roberto who tells her that the first time he realized he had powers was when he accidentally scorched his girlfriend.

Later, we see Danielle using her hands to conjure up an orange-colored energy source from thin air, although, at this point, she doesn’t know exactly what powers she possesses or what Dr. Reyes’ true intentions are.

From what we can surmise from the trailer, however, it does look like this will be the first comic-book film where a Native American character will take the lead.

Check out the trailer below.