We Made a Movie Mixtape on Netflix to Highlight the US Latino Experience

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Netflix just gets me. When I want to laugh, I can stream the classic stand-up special The Original Latin Kings of Comedy. When I want to cry, I can see Kid Cudi in the tragic James White. When I want to laugh and cry, I can binge-watch two seasons of Jane the Virgin. When I don’t know what I’m in the mood for, Netflix always steps in with its genius suggestions. Wanna watch some of your old favorites again? Here’s a list of your highest rated films. Feeling down? Check out this list of sentimental foreign dramas. Need to brush up on your festival fare? These Cannes Film Festival Award-winning movies should do. And because the streaming platform somehow knows I’m generally a weirdo, a collection of “Quirky TV Shows” is always on my home screen. It’s like their data engineers are inside my head.

Now, Netflix’s top-secret suggestions algorithm is stepping aside to let you take the reigns as Curator-in-Chief. With the new Flixtape feature, users can make their very own movie mixtape to share with friends. Whether you’re hungry, angry, hangry, obsessed with anime, or just got your heart broken — the possibilities are endless.

We took this opportunity to create our own Flixtape, made especially for you. The US Latino Experience Flixtape showcases six feature-length documentaries that cover a vast range of topics and decades, but they all offer a peek at what life is like for Latinos in the USA. From a look back at the fight for fair labor conditions for farm workers in Cesar’s Last Fast, to Latino teens surviving the Bronx during the ’70s in Rubble Kings, and the Peruvian-American brothers who remake their favorite movies in The Wolfpack, we went deep into Netflix’s catalogue. We’ll be back with more in the coming weeks, but for now enjoy Remezcla Flixtape: Volume 1.

Watch our inaugural Flixtape here (as long as you already have a Netflix account.)