TRAILER: In ‘Andrés Lee i Escribe,’ A Former Actor Goes Through a Millennial Life Crisis

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of Chicago Latino Film Festival 2017
Photo courtesy of Chicago Latino Film Festival 2017
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There’s nothing quite like millennial ennui. Take Andrés Centeno (Fernando Mena), the protagonist of Daniel Peralta’s latest film, Andrés lee i escribe (yes, the misspelling is intentional). The former actor now works long hours at a dead-end factory job, spends his nights battling insomnia, and takes on any number of new identities to be a test subject for studies at a local medical school. A chance encounter with a doctoral student – whose degree may be on the line because of Andrés’ involvement  – and a trip down memory lane courtesy of an old box full of VHS tapes force the otherwise somber lead to re-examine his life.

While clearly aiming to grapple with larger ideas about performance, identity, and ambition, Peralta’s film quietly focuses on the mundane, pausing to look at the day-to-day in Andrés’ life. This unassuming style gives the film an indie vibe — you would no doubt see a film like this crop up at Sundance or Tribeca. And with an engaging performance at its core, this look at the anxiety that comes with realizing you haven’t quite lived up to your youthful expectations feels all too real.

Take a look at the full trailer below.