‘Mozart in the Jungle’ May Be Cancelled, But Gael García Bernal Has a New Show

Lead Photo: 'Aqui en la tierra' Courtesy of CANNESERIES
'Aqui en la tierra' Courtesy of CANNESERIES
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Gael García Bernal has been bitten by the TV bug. After starring in and winning a Golden Globe for his work on the recently cancelled Mozart in the Junglethe Mexican actor is diving right into yet another prestige drama. This time around though, he’s also behind the camera. Not only is he one of the creators of Aqui en la tierra alongside Kyzza Terrazas and Jorge Dorantes, but he directed one of the episodes of this Mexico-set series. As with most of the projects Gael is involved with, this gritty political drama wears its socially engaged consciousness on its sleeve. Look no further than its very first trailer which puns on religious prayers to frame its take on the Mexican government: “La corrupción nuestra de cada día” (“Our daily corruption”) we read in its very first frames.

With shots of bloody cops being beaten and fiery clips of riots on the streets juxtaposed with gentlemanly handshakes between well-to-do politicians (oh and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it peek at a threesome), Aqui en la tierra looks like an unflinching take on contemporary Mexico. The series follows two childhood friends, Carlos and Adán who are forced to put their deepest moral dilemmas into play. While Carlos deals with the loss of his father, Adán, the son of Carlos’ family’s head of security, finds his life taking a turn for the violent as he’s surrounded by the popular riots taking place at the San Marcos where he lives, against the construction of a new airport endorsed by Governor Mario Rocha, Carlos’ stepfather.

Taking its visual cues from Ingobernable and House of Cards, the series promises to bet big on Spanish-language fare that looks like something you’d find on FX or Netflix. That’s clear from the cast alone. Joining Gael, who’s playing an unnamed character (“El Pajaro”) are his Neruda co-star Luis Gnecco, his Y tu mamá también narrator Daniel Giménez-Cacho, and Güeros‘ Tenoch Huerta Mejía and Hazlo como hombres Alfonso Dosal, as Adán and Carlos respectively. Before its premiere on FOX Premium in Latin America, European audiences will be able to get a first look at Aqui en la tierra during this year’s very first edition of CANNESERIES, festival at the famed French city that’ll focus exclusively on TV projects. Take a look at the first teaser trailer below.

Aqui en la tierra is currently streaming on Fox Premium.