TRAILER: ‘Enredados’ Is Latin America’s First-Ever Bollywood Movie in Spanish

Lead Photo: Still from 'Enredados'
Still from 'Enredados'
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Well here’s a first. Costa Rican film Enredados: la confusión (Entangled: The Confusion) looks to be the first Latin American film featuring an Indian actor in a leading role. But that’s not all. This Ashish Mohan-directed project boasts a full Bollywood soundtrack in Spanish. In the past, Indian production companies have shot individual scenes in the region or featured a few Spanish-language songs, but never has an entire film of this type been set in Latin America with dialogue only in Spanish. Starring Indian-born actor, Prabhakar Sharan, who’s lived in Costa Rica since 1997, as well as Nancy Dobles, Mario Chacón and José Castro this is what we call global filmmaking at its best.

As its first trailer suggests, Costa Rica offers a beautiful backdrop for what looks like an aptly-titled film. The convoluted plot involves stolen money, an angry girlfriend, memory loss, and plenty of action sequences sprinkled between the colorful song and dance numbers. And at the heart of it all is Sharan as Leo, whose luscious hair makes him the perfect hero for this comedy/musical/action thriller mashup.

Enredados: la confusión, has all the trappings of a Bollywood film but filtered through a decidedly tico comedic sensibility. That’s why you’ll find lush green shots of singing duets near a waterfall next to thrilling fight sequences featuring American wrestler Scott Steiner, and how broad jokes about effeminate men exist alongside kitschy group dancing numbers. The result, which you can see for yourself in the trailer below, may well be the most ambitious attempt to bring Indian and Latin American cinema cultures together.

[h/t: The Wire]