TRAILER: Brazilian Film ‘August Winds’ Shows Us How to Get Intimate With a Can of Coke

The Locarno Film Festival just announced its lineup a few weeks ago. Among the titles premiering at the Swiss fest in August are two Argentine films (Two Gun Shots, The Princess of France) and a Brazilian one (August Winds). Right after the movies were announced, a teaser of Ventos de Agosto (August Winds) surfaced on YouTube.  It’s a peek into Shirley’s world; the young protagonist lives in a small, seaside town in Brazil. She moved there to take care of her elderly grandmother and works on a coconut plantation but loves rocks music and wants to be a tattoo artist.

In the kinda weird but very endearing clip, we ride along as she lazily sways in a small boat while soaking up the sun and listening to a punk tune about killing yourself. In case you didn’t know, lots of people use Coca-Cola as tanning lotion. In the clip, Shirley shows us how it’s done. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting even more brown using nothing but a can of Coke.

Step 1: Lay out in direct sunlight (boat not required) and get comfortable.

Step 2: Grab yourself a can of Coke.


Step 3: Proceed to open the aforementioned can of Coke.


Step 4: This is where we get down to business. Start pouring the soda on your legs, making sure to rub it in.


Step 5: Then, things get a little weird. You want to make sure you get an even tan. So, you gotta pour the bubbly stuff everywhere. EVERYWHERE!


Step 6: Take a shower immediately because you just poured liquid sugar all over your lady parts. You’re gonna be real sticky.

A blogger who was vacationing in Peru and tried it explains, “Rubbing Coca-Cola on your skin means you are the stickiest person around. Disgustingly sticky. My arms were sticking to my body and I had to rip them apart with each swing of my arm. No more merry frolicking between the hammock, smoothie bar, and pool for me.” In this case, random gringo tourist does know best.