TRAILER: Jaime Camil Gets Cut Off by His Wealthy Family in New CBS Sitcom ‘Broke’

Lead Photo: 'Broke' photo by Sonja Flemming. Courtesy of CBS
'Broke' photo by Sonja Flemming. Courtesy of CBS
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The information on what shows you’ll be able to enjoy this season into the next is coming out fast and furious. Just the other day we saw our first glimpse of Freeform’s upcoming Latino take on Party of Five and ABC announced plans to put Christina Vidal in a sitcom entitled United We Fall. And if you’re still not ready for the final episode of Jane the Virgin, fear not because Rogelio de la Vega has landed a sweet gig over at CBS.

Set to be the next leading man role for Jane the Virgin’s Jaime Camil, CBS announced the sitcom Broke. Pauley Perrette stars as Jackie, a single mom raising a young son on her own. But Jackie’s world changes when her wacky sister (Natasha Leggero) and brother-in-law (Camil) arrive on her doorstep, broke and needing a place to live.

The network dropped a trailer laying out the plot and alongside Camil, his driver/assistant/friend Luis (Izzy Diaz) are part of the ensemble. Jackie’s son calls his aunt and uncle “hoity” and “toity,” though that doesn’t seem as evident from Camil’s end, though his affected expressions and ability to take things literally seem ripped right from his performance on Jane the Virgin. We learn that Luis is being paid by Javier’s father, who has mostly cut him off his son financially. Really, the trailer’s biggest laughs come from Luis and Javier together. Diaz and Camil show a great rapport while taking a meeting with the principle at Jackie’s son’s school. Their banter about Luis’ nonexistent photographic memory is priceless.

Both Camil and Jane’s Jennie Snyder Urman are executive producers on this and the pilot is directed by longtime sitcom director Victor Gonzalez but the pilot feels incredibly generic. Camil and Diaz stand out, but more to highlight how out-of-place they seem. It’ll be great watching Camil in something new, but is he a little too much like his previous role here? Time will tell and since there’s currently no release date it’s safe to say some additional looks at the series will be out soon.

Broke will have a midseason premiere, likely in early 2020.