TRAILER: ‘Diablo Guardian’ Is Amazon’s First-Ever Original Series in Spanish

Lead Photo: 'Diablo Guardian'
'Diablo Guardian'
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“All women charge,” we’re told. “Some with cash. Others with your life.” That’s but one of the many life lessons we learn in the fast-cut trailer for Amazon’s first-ever Spanish language series, Diablo Guardian. Based on the best-selling novel by Mexican writer Xavier Velasco, the New York-set series follows Pig, a writer who finds a tape recording where Rosa del Alba Valdivia has chronicled her life from the moment she stole thousands of dollars from her parents and fled to the U.S. where she became “Violetta.” The sordid story of how a Mexican teenager became a call girl in the Big Apple, and how she got involved with some shady ass characters is precisely the kind of stuff Pig had been wanting to write about — and so he begins to craft her story.

In the series’ first trailer we get not only glimpses of the kind of opulent wealth that greets Violetta once she decides to sell her time (and her body) to the highest bidder, but also the dour life that greets Pig as a struggling writer who lives with his ailing grandma. Hoping to offer a strong female protagonist that skirts danger at every move (think Queen of the South or Ingobernable) this new series stars Sin Nombre‘s Paulina Gaitán as Violetta, whose long lashes and full lips suggest she’s a woman eager to get by at all costs. Giving off gritty Pretty Woman mixed with a David Fincher flick, this looks like a neon-tinged neo-noir for the 21st century. Take a look at the full trailer below.

Diablo Guardian is now available to stream on Amazon.