TRAILER: Diego Boneta Stars in Fox’s ‘Scream Queens,’ a ‘Mean Girls’-Wes Craven Mash Up

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What do you get when you mash up Mean Girls with Wes Craven? Seems like a ridiculous question, but apparently the team behind Glee and American Horror Story asked themselves just that. And the result is Scream Queens.

Premiering on September 22, the newly minted Fox comedy-horror series will follow in the footsteps of anthology shows like Horror Story and True Detective and feature a different cast and storyline each season. In its inaugural run, Scream Queens will profile Kappa Kappa Tau, a fictional college sorority renowned for its exclusivity and, well, bitchiness. When a vengeful dean played by Jamie Lee Curtis decides to force them to accept all new applicants into their organization, the girls at Kappa Kappa get nasty, and a series of inexplicable, campy murders begins to unfold.

With its over-the-top stylization and silly premise, we can assume that the show’s creators have their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks with this one, but Scream Queens will surely have a built-in draw with the show’s “who’s going to die next” factor. Plus, they’ve rounded up the most Kidz Bop-friendly cast in a generation, with pop crooners like Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande appearing alongside actual actors like Curtis and Emma Roberts.

Then there’s dimpled Mexican heartthrob Diego Boneta, who will be playing the hardworking editor of the school newspaper, Pete Martínez, as he investigates the strange occurrences that have thrown the university community into disarray. The 24-year-old Boneta comes to Fox Network after spending his teen years on the youth-oriented Mexican novela Rebelde. The part-Boricua actor eventually got his U.S. break back in 2010 on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, followed by the CW’s remake of 90210.

Here you can check out Boneta talking about his character on Scream Queens, and leaving us with an ominous portent about his possible role in the murders.

Scream Queens premieres September 22 at 8 p.m. on Fox.