TRAILER: Dominican and Puerto Rican Stars Team Up for Basketball Comedy ‘Los Domirriqueños’

It’s no secret that Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are supposed to have beef. And sure, in some cases it’s kinda true, but the rest of us know that family is family and we try not to let these petty differences get to our heads. Plus, if any doubters needed proof of the power of Borinqueya unity, Dominican director Eduardo “Transfor” Ortiz has brought together some of the brightest stars in Dominican comedy and paired them with their Boricua counterparts for a new feature aptly entitled Los Domirriqueños.

With DR’s film industry booming, and even making successful incursions into the Puerto Rican box office, it only makes sense to bring together the comedic resources of these two sister islands for some trans-Caribbean popular comedy. Of course, Los Domirriqueños is over-the-top, implausible, and likely wont be getting any Oscar nods for its silly take on tropical farce.

The film takes place in some unknown universe (perhaps Río Piedras, Puerto Rico) where Dominicans and Puerto Ricans live side-by-side. When the owner of a beloved community rec center kicks the bucket, a villainous businessman claims to possess the deed and threatens to level the cherished basketball court. The only hope for saving the community’s patrimony involves Dominican and Puerto Rican pickup rivals teaming up to take on a professional quality team representing the evil businessman… and comedy ensues.

The whole thing seems reasonably well-produced, with veteran big-screen comedians like Fausto Mata, Aquiles Correa, and Jorge Pabón more than comfortable doing their thing for the cameras. Amazingly, despite all the big personalities sharing screen time, the actors appear generous enough not to hog scenes packed to the brim with Antillano talent.