TRAILER: Hulu’s ‘East Los High’ Series Finale Is a Thoughtful Portrayal of the End of DACA

Lead Photo: 'East Los High' Finale Event. Photo by: Todd Williamson. Courtesy of Hulu
'East Los High' Finale Event. Photo by: Todd Williamson. Courtesy of Hulu
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It truly is the end of an era. East Los High, Hulu’s beloved teen drama series set was cancelled earlier this year and fans worried they wouldn’t get the closure they’d hoped for — season 4, after all, ended with a bunch of cliffhangers. Thankfully, while we’re not getting a season 5, the show is wrapping up its storylines with a one-hour finale event that picks up eight months after the dramatic events of season 4 as the crew prepares to leave high school, and even East LA.

The recently released trailer suggests the series finale will give East Los High fans everything they’ve loved about the show: thumping musical dance numbers, plenty of shirtless Prince Royce, and the kind of socially conscious storytelling that have made this a vanguard show when it comes to Latino representation. In between relationship drama (“You’re sleeping with me and keeping secrets from her!”) we get to hear and see how those in East LA feel under siege by immigration officers who pose a threat to many in the community, like Eddie (Carlito Olivero) whose DACA isn’t renewed. In sum, those in front and behind the camera have seemingly found a perfect way to send up these characters and give them the ending this breakthrough series deserves.

Check out the adrenaline-fueled trailer for the finale special below.

East Los High: Finale Special is now available on Hulu.