TRAILER: Season 3 of ‘Elite’ Promises More Drama & Heartbreak at Las Encinas

Lead Photo: Photo credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes. Courtesy of Netflix.
Photo credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes. Courtesy of Netflix.
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If we’ve learned anything from Elite‘s first two seasons is that there’ll never be any shortage of drama when anyone at Las Encinas is involved. And from the looks of the trailer for the third season of the Netflix high school drama, that’s unlikely to change any time soon. With the OG murder mystery that drove much of its storytelling finally resolved, season three looks to explore what the fallout from all those revelations will do to the friendships, loyalties and relationships that so knit together everyone at Las Encinas.

“I know I won’t be able to repair the damage I’ve done,” Polo (Álvaro Rico) says at the start of the moody, neon-tinged trailer. “But someday, will you ever forgive me?” We won’t spoil what kind of responses he gets in return, but know that there’s little chance his killer past will go unnoticed by his schoolmates.

But lest you think it’s all going to be emo apologies and broody put-downs, this first look has plenty of pool parties, steamy threesomes and yes, even yet another bloody tragedy that will keep you wondering whether it’s time the police department sets up round the clock surveillance on these horny, well-to-do kids. Also, stay through to the end when Lu (Danna Paola) utters the words that will surely launch a million conspiracy theories about this season’s big mystery: “I saw who did it.”

Take a look at the full trailer below to see why Elite is one of the most thrilling high school dramas around.

Elite returns to Netflix March 13, 2020.