TRAILER: ‘Vida’ Will End With Season 3 but There’s Still Plenty of Jotería & Family Melodrama to Spare

Lead Photo: 'Vida.' Courtesy of Starz.
'Vida.' Courtesy of Starz.
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There is no show out there that’s as unabashedly brown and queer as VidaThe Starz dramedy about two sisters who inherit their mother’s L.A. bar and have to reconcile with one another and their late mom’s lesbian partner is unlike anything out there. Equally adept at taking on issues ‘gentefication‘ and sexuality this family melodrama has tackled head on the way queerness and Latinidad are similarly policed within our communities. Sexy, colorful and unafraid to let its characters be wholly themselves, Vida broke ground.

Sharing the trailer for what’s now been announced will be the show’s third and final season, creator Tanya Saracho was quick to thank all of the people who have championed her groundbreaking show. “When I began this journey three and a half years ago,” she wrote in a letter shared with press, “I never dreamed that by the end of the process I’d be so wholly changed — mind, body and spirit — and that I’d be standing so strongly in my abilities to run and create a TV show the way it should have always been created: By us.”

For therein lies what made Vida such a radical show in American television: it was for and about Latinx, with a badass Latina showrunner calling the shots. Picking up right where the last season left off with the discovery that Lyn (Melissa Barrera) and Emma’s (Mishel Prada) father is sill alive, the new season looks to wrap up this sisterly drama with the gleeful irreverence and social justice bent that’s characterized the show all along. Yes, the trailer includes the different ways the sisters deal with this bombshell of a discovery but ICE arrests, “Joteriwood” parties at the Vida bar and plenty of relationship drama suggest there’s plenty to look forward to.

Check out the trailer for this farewell season below.

Vida season 3 premieres April 26, 2020 on Starz.