TRAILER: Jorge Ramos, George Lopez & Prince Royce Urge Us to Vote in HBO Latino’s ‘Habla y Vota’

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So are you still wondering whether to vote in the upcoming presidential election? JK – obviously you’re going vote! But there’s still something reassuring about having over a dozen outstanding Latino cultural figures remind us of just how important this election really is. And it’s not only because we’re faced with the prospect of a sadistic circus peanut taking over the nuclear codes, but also because for the first time in US history Latinos hold considerable electoral clout.

Indeed, this election cycle has basically been a giant quinceañera for the Latino voting bloc. After decades growing and maturing into a beautiful young interest group, 2016 is officially the year when our vote is make-or-break for aspiring politicos. So what better way to celebrate our political adulthood than with a one-hour HBO Latino special packed with musicians, actors, comedians, and academics telling us to get the heck out there and vote?

That special is Habla y Vota, a spin-off of HBO’s testimonial-driven Habla series that brings together the likes of Prince Royce, María Celeste, Jorge Ramos, Cristela AlonzoGeorge Lopez, Adrienne Bailon, and Lalo Alcaraz to discuss their personal experiences with the electoral process. The special’s new trailer shows how all this plays out against a spare white background with plenty of good humor. In the end, though, it’s clear that voting is no laughing matter; and perhaps nobody puts it better than Jorge Ramos when he beams: “For the first time, nosotros los Latinos have gone from big numbers to power. And it feels great.”

It really does, but only if we wield that power responsibly. So if you needed a little nudge to get out to the ballot box, or just want to spend an hour feeling good about Latino political power, keep a look out for Habla y Vota’s upcoming HBO Latino premiere in September.

Habla y Vota airs on HBO Latino in September of 2016.