Trailer: Olallo Rubio’s ‘Ilusión Nacional’ Is a Dramatic Looking New Soccer Film

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

You may remember Mexican filmmaker Olallo Rubio from his Molotov documentary Gimme the Power. Today, he released a trailer for his latest project, a soccer film titled Ilusión Nacional, which, according to the official website, will be released theatrically in Mexico “proximamente.” The trailer comes not a moment too soon; with four months to go until the World Cup, futbol fever is definitely ramping up. So far, it’s hard to tell exactly what the plot of the movie will be, but based on the intense music and the various definitions of ilusión deployed throughout (i.e. illusion, pipe dreams, joy, etc.) I can only surmise that it will be a look at the often controversial intersection of soccer, politics and business that makes the sport such a roller coaster for players and national audiences alike. Check the trailer out below, and stay tuned for updates on theatrical release:

[insert-video youtube=OaMdAgx919c]