TRAILER: Meet ‘Suicide Squad’s El Diablo, the Fiery Tattooed Supervillain Played by Jay Hernandez

Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated titles of the summer. Based on DC Comics’ publication of the same name and directed by End of Watch director David Ayer, the film looks to expand on the DC Extended Universe that both Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice began building. Not only is it a welcome reversal of the superhero genre (the bad guys get all the fun and the glory here), it boasts one of the most exciting casts assembled for a mainstream comic book adaptation yet. Will Smith playing a deadly hit man? Check. Jared Leto tackling the iconic Joker in full-on cartel leader mode? Check. Margot Robbie finally bringing Joker’s girlfriend, Harley Quinn, to the big screen in all her delirious beauty? Check. Viola Davis giving us the badass leader of this band of merry bad men, Amanda Waller? Check. Also on board: The Killing’s Joel Kinsman, Aussie actor Jai Courtney, Clint’s son Scott Eastwood, and Paper Town’s Cara Delevigne.

Oh, and let’s not forget Jay Hernandez. The Crazy/Beautiful actor gets his biggest role to date as Chato Santana aka El Diablo. A former gang member (check out those killer tats, designed by tattoo artist Rob Coutts who illustrated the character’s entire life in ink), looking for redemption.

This Squad member has the deadliest weapon and is the one most likely to make you melt. Not just because Hernandez repeatedly shows off his inked bod in the flick, but also due to the fact that El Diablo is able to shoot out flames. It’s an unpredictable superpower, but it’s his inability to control this “gift” that’s now keeping him from using it, since he’s behind bars. “He’s a fighter, but he’s given up that fight,” Hernandez has said. “He’s backed away from criminality, away from aggression. He doesn’t want to be a part of society; he feels he belongs in a cage.”We won’t spoil much, but as the intro clip to the character above shows us, you’ll see El Diablo’s powers in full force.