TRAILER: Luis Guzman Gets Burned In This Comedy from the Creator of ‘How to Make It in America’

It’s called Puerto Ricans in Paris; it stars Luis Guzmán, Rosario Dawson, Rosie Perez, and Edgar Garcia; and it’s directed by the creator of How to Make It in America. Need we say more? That’s certainly enough info to get the approximately 9 million self-identified Puerto Ricans in the world extremely pumped up about this low-budget indie comedy. From there tack on a few million more non-Puerto Ricans drawn to the project’s star power and this could be a recipe for a real hit. But, more importantly, is it any good?

Well, the good news is that you can check out this clip and judge for yourself. Here we find two NYPD detectives played by Guzmán and Garcia bouncing between Paris clubs as they look for some distraction on their downtime. The two paunchy partners are in Paris tracking down a precious fashion bag as part of the NYPD’s Luxury Goods Recovery Unit (yes, apparently the fabulously wealthy get their very own theft unit as well), and they happened to bring along wives Dawson and Perez. As we see in the clip, however, the wives aren’t around for this particular night of gallivanting, and there are a couple of long-legged gals who seem to be tempting our weak-willed heroes.

At a minute in length, Guzmán is more than convincing as an out-of-touch goof trying to pass himself off as a Parisian papi chulo (check out hilariously awkward dancing at 00:37), and stylistically Edelman clearly has enough flash to keep things crisp and agile. It is admittedly a little hard to understand what the duo’s lady escorts are saying through those thick French accents, and the dynamic between Guzmán and Garcia doesn’t quite convince in this clip. But despite some weak spots, there should be more than enough stand-out comedy performances in this feature to hold things together.

If you’re still not satisfied with this short teaser — and we totally understand if you’re not — your next option would be to fly out to L.A. and check out the world premiere of Puerto Ricans in Paris at this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival. Or if you’re from L.A., I guess you could just stay put.

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