TRAILER: Mexican Comedy ‘El Club de los Insomnes’ Is a Cross Between ‘Garden State’ and ‘Clerks’

Lead Photo: 'El Club de los insomnes' courtesy of Corazon Films
'El Club de los insomnes' courtesy of Corazon Films
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As anyone who’s suffered from it will tell you, insomnia can be unbearable. For Santiago (Leonardo Ortizgris), one of the leads in the aptly-titled film El club de los insomneshe copes with it as best he can: he spends his nights visiting Danny (Time Share‘s Cassandra Ciangherotti) at the local 24-hour minimart she works at. Strength, as they say, lies in numbers. So while they while away their nights playing Scrabble with alphabet pasta wanting to forget the world outside their little fluorescent world, their lives take a turn when Estela (Alejandra Ambrosi) shows up one night. Saddled with bad news that keep her up, she’s welcomed into this unlikely club and, as the film’s tagline tells us, reminds us that life happens when everyone else is sleeping.

Offering warmth despite its slate blue color palette and comedy against its bleak surroundings (is there anything more depressing than a mini-mart at 3am?) Joseduardo Giordano and Sergio Goyri Jr.‘s film focuses on those nocturnal animals who come alive when the rest of us are safely tucked in our beds. From the trailer, these nights together bring some levity to these characters’ lives. Whether staging impromptu dance parties, making random visits to the hospital, or posing for Danny’s camera, or sitting down to play on an actual Scrabble board, these three insomniacs are set to learn life lessons from one another and hopefully find ways of brightening up their many sleepless nights. Check out the full trailer below.