TRAILER: Gael Garcia Bernal Mends His Broken Heart in Italy for ‘Mozart in the Jungle’s Season 3

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It’s hard to believe that Amazon Studios’ charming, understated dramedy Mozart in the Jungle is entering its third season. In fact, the story of an eccentric young Mexican conductor electrifying the stuffy world of classical music never seemed to fit any established formula for TV success. Yet, over two seasons it’s racked up two Golden Globes and plenty of critical praise for Gael García Bernal’s charismatic performance. And now the show’s faithful legions of fans can look forward to yet another season of love and familial dysfunction within the New York Philharmonic starting December 9th on Amazon Prime.

As we can appreciate from the season’s brand new trailer, the symphony has been locked out by management and Rodrigo De Souza heads to Italy to find inspiration only to discover his muse in the form of a powerful soprano. Meanwhile, our favorite oboist Hailey “Jai Alai” Rutledge is pining for something more than just a double reed woodwind instrument, and may be on her way to her own career as a conductor. Along the way it looks like we’ll get plenty of beauty shots of Venice, a rave or two, a guest spot from Danny Glover, and an immensely dramatic excision of De Souza’s unnecessary rat tails. But, in the midst of all this personal discovery, what’s most important is getting the family back together.

Check out the trailer the below and see how it all goes down.

Mozart in the Jungle’s third season hits Amazon on December 9, 2016.