TRAILER: ‘¡Nailed It! México’ Is the Funniest Netflix Show You Haven’t Seen Yet

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix
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There is perhaps nothing more soothing than watching a master pastry chef nail a two-tiered cake. Seeing them frost it and decorate it is mesmerizing, often leaving you with a sense of awe. And, of course, the knowledge that there’s no way you could do that yourself. But as Nailed It proved, sometimes it can be just as entertaining to see would-be bakers try anyways. Mostly because the results are, well, hilariously disastrous. After the success of that Nicole Byer-hosted reality show, wherein three amateur bakers foolishly attempt complicated baking feats in a limited amount of time in hopes they’ll win the judges’ blessings (and $10,000), Netflix is betting on international versions to carry on the brand of second-half embarrassment to new heights. Enter: ¡Nailed It! México. It’s the funniest installment of this show yet.

Boasting the same pastel-hued backdrops as the United States version and adding in the comic stylings of host Omar Chaparro, this Mexican spinoff promises just the right amount of kitchen chaos and lighthearted humor that made the OG version a perfect type of comfort TV for those who couldn’t (and wouldn’t) make it onto shows like Top Chef and The Great British Baking Show. As contestants try to recreate perfectly decorated cookies, intricate wedding cakes, and cute piña colada cupcakes, the fun of it all lies in the frantic energy these amateur bakers bring to the competition. “This one moves more than Jennifer Lopez,” one says about her stand-in mixer — right before it breaks right before our very eyes. “My god, que feo está!” wails another, in between laughter. They may not create masterpieces (try as they might) but boy does it make for great TV. Check out the trailer for Mexico’s latest reality TV competition below and find comfort in knowing others are forced to yell “Nailed it!” even when, well, they clearly haven’t.

¡Nailed It! México is now streaming on Netflix. Make sure to turn off the English dubbing for maximum enjoyment.