TRAILER: Netflix Blessed Us With This Doc Series All About Tacos

Lead Photo: Creative Commons "Tacos al Pastor” by William Neuheisel is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Creative Commons "Tacos al Pastor” by William Neuheisel is licensed under CC BY 2.0
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There are few jobs that sound as enviable as “taco scout.” Based solely off the trailer for the latest series, Las Crónicas del Taco, it looks like Javier Cabral may well be the best in the business. As the self-described scout and associate producer of the show shared on social media, this six-episode docuseries is “the first-ever Netflix Original documentary series focused entirely on tacos and the hardworking taqueros who make [them].” While Chef’s Table, Salt Fat Acid Heat, and Ugly Delicious may have given us looks at some of the most mouthwatering tacos around, this Spanish-language series is truly an ode to the hardworking taqueros who have made the taco one of Mexico’s most recognizable exports.

With each episode dedicated to a different kind of taco, Las Crónicas del Taco promises a firsthand look at what this most humble of meals means to the country’s wildly diverse population. As one person in the trailer puts its, “The taco is, for Mexicans, part of our culture. It’s in our veins.” By weaving together interviews with chefs of all stripes, testimonials from taco lovers, and plenty of beautifully shot close-ups of juicy tacos that will make you want to head to your fave Mexican restaurant ASAP, the Netflix-produced series will be as much a history lesson as a cultural immersion in Mexico’s culinary world. From an episode about al pastor that teaches audiences about their origins in Asia minor to one episode about tacos de canasta that introduces us to street purveyor Lady Basket Tacos, you’ll learn everything and anything you ever wanted to know about this beloved delicacy.

Las Crónicas Del Taco is available on Netflix.