TRAILER: Gender-Nonconforming Fashion Designer Santiago Artemis Is the Perfect Reality TV Star

Lead Photo: 'No Hay Tiempo Para La Verguenza.' Courtesy of Netflix
'No Hay Tiempo Para La Verguenza.' Courtesy of Netflix
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Here’s a short selection of the many things Argentine fashion designer Santiago Artemis can be seen sporting in the trailer for his new documentary series, No hay tiempo para la vergüenza (No Time for Shame): a black see-through blouse with a bow, a suit with an oversized hat, a pleather beret, a pink and furry coat, Gucci sunglasses, a leopard-print shirt, a gold-sequined winter jacket, white thigh-high boots, an ombre (faux?) fur coat, a Snoopy sweater. The young designer, as befits his own personal style, is intent on breaking down gender barriers when it comes to fashion. “I, personally, don’t believe in gender,” he says at the top of the trailer. Which is why he aims to be inclusive of everyone, celebrating their own idiosyncrasies any way he can with his new collection.

Only, and here’s where the drama for this documentary series will come from, he may be hitting a wall when it comes to articulating that kind of pronouncement in the form of tangible designs. It’s what drives Artemis’ conversations with his therapist and what fuels many of the anxious conversations he has with friends, colleagues and muses in this behind-the-scenes look at his creative process. A reality TV series for the fashionista crowd, No hay tiempo para la vergüenza looks as glossy, polished and fabulous as its central figure. And that’s all before you get to the most exciting cameo imaginable: Xuxa, fashion icon herself, who proves that good taste never does go out of style.

Check out the full trailer below and enjoy the many out of this world ensembles Artemis wears throughout, which will have you reassessing all of your styling choices for the rest of the year.

No hay tiempo para la vergüenza debuts November 19, 2019, on Netflix.