TRAILER: An Out-of-Work Immigrant Actor Navigates NYC in Melancholy ‘Nobody’s Watching’

Lead Photo: Still from Nobody's Watching
Still from Nobody's Watching
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Making it in New York, I don’t know if you’ve heard, is very hard. Especially if you’re an actor. Even more so if you’re a foreigner. You have to take odd jobs, you have to go in for roles like “bike messenger,” and you have to endure being told that you should really work on that accent. That’s the life Argentine director Julia Solomonoff paints in her latest project Nobody’s Watching. The actor in question is Nico (played by Guillermo Pfening), a blond Argentine who left a plum role in a local TV series at home to try his hand at making it in New York.

As we see in the first teaser for the film, Nico does lead a movie-ready NYC life. He bikes to Manhattan and back. He attends glamorous parties in the Upper West Side. He takes walks down the High Line in Chelsea and has no problem hooking up with many of the beautiful gay men that litter the city’s streets. But Solomonoff asks you to look beyond that picture-perfect portrait. After months of waiting for the indie project he’s signed on to to begin shooting, the reality of being an out of work immigrant actor begins to takes its toll on Nico.

Where he first had to fend off paparazzi in Buenos Aires, he’s now stuck waiting tables, babysitting, and ignoring calls from his ex-lover (lest he have to face what his life’s become). An intimate view of its central character, Nobody’s Watching explores what it’s like to keep up appearances even when your audience is nowhere to be found. Check out the full trailer below.

Nobody’s Watching premieres at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.