“It pisses me off to see all these Latino blogs and communities pop up with ideas that we’ve had for years.” Listen, if we’re gonna be dragged, it may as well be by a fictional Latina character in a Latina-produced web series all about Latina entrepreneurs. The show is called Pinkslipped and is the brainchild of Jacqueline Priego. Playfully riffing on its title, Pinkslipped follows three friends, Jacqueline, Elena and Rosie (played by Priego, Samantha Ramirez-Herrera and Ana Ayora) who are ready to leave their dead-end jobs and start a venture of their own making.

Entering a media landscape that’s recently given us Insecure, Brown Girls, Brujosand Vida, the latter being its closest kindred TV spirit, Priego’s web series is a reminder that — much like her own characters — sometimes you can’t wait for someone else to let you in. You have to make your own opportunities, gather your friends, and follow your dreams. Thankfully in this case, the dream looks to be a Chicago-set high-caliber dramedy about a trio of friends trusting their gut and making it in the business world on their own.

As you can see in the trailer for the show, Priego’s work is aiming to represent Latina entrepreneurs as a newfound class of women who are sick and tired of the discrimination and micro-aggressions they deal with on a daily basis. “It’ll be a good match,” her boss (played by Mad Men’s Jessica Paré) tells Jacqueline when she assigns her to work with a young Latina intern. “She speaks your language—millennial, but also Mexican, of course.” Whatever face you’re making is exactly the one Jacqueline makes. With pink-hued surreal fantasy sequences, sobbing brawls with ex-boyfriend scenes, and the requisite satirical take on white woke women, Pinkslipped is a feminist Latina workplace comedy that’s all about doing away with the workplace altogether.

After a sold out premiere screening in Chicago in August, the series will be making the rounds in Los Angeles, New York City and San Antonio, before landing online in September.

Pinkslipped will be available to stream September 19, 2018, on the show’s website.