TRAILER: Season 2 of ‘Mozart in the Jungle’ Will Quench Your Gael García Bernal Thirst

It’s no surprise that an up-and-coming digital television platform like Amazon Video would renew a series that has garnered near-universal acclaim from the critical establishment (despite not really catching on with audiences yet.) It is surprising, however, that said series is a whimsical look into the life of symphony orchestra musicians. No spies, gangsters, or drug lords, no zombies or politicians or prisoners, not even rock stars – just some everyday, classically-trained musicians getting by in the concrete jungle of New York City.

Of course, we’re talking about Mozart in the Jungle, the half-hour digital comedy starring Gael García Bernal as an eccentric young orchestra conductor along with his oboist assistant/love interest and a ragtag group of wind, string, and percussion instrumentalists. Sure, it doesn’t scream “hit series,” but as the brainchild of showbiz royalty Roman Coppola and his primo Jason Schwartzman, why not give it a shot? That’s just what Amazon has done for the hilarious series.

We recently gave you a sneak peek of Gael filming an episode for the new season with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Now you can check out a spanking new two-and-a-half minute trailer for the upcoming season to see what awaits GGB this time around. Along with giving us a good idea of the series’ breezy tone, the clip suggests a possible crisis of leadership for the young conductor, who seeks advice from the older, former maestro played by Malcolm McDowell (the one from Clockwork Orange) on how to maintain the respect of his orchestra. There’s also a romantic, postcard-worthy trip through Mexico with his favorite oboist, played by Lola Kirke, one that may or may not end in some lovin’, despite her new boo.

Sure, maybe the stakes aren’t all that high, but not all of us are cut out for international espionage. Plus there’s Gael…and his eyes. So check out the trailer, and if you haven’t yet, go binge through the first 10 episodes before the new season’s December 30 release date.

Mozart in the Jungle‘s season two is available on Amazon Prime beginning December 30, 2015.