TRAILER: ‘Soy Mucho Mejor Que Vos’ Proves That Chilenos Love to Chug Wine and Be Sarcastic Jerks

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Soy mucho mejor que vos, a Chilean comedy directed by José Manuel “Che” Sandoval has been making the rounds at Latin American film festivals. It screened at FICG (in Guadalajara, Mexico) last year and at the Muestra de Cine Internacional in Santo Domingo last week. Sebastián Brahm stars as El Naza, a balding narigón whose wife left to pursue a project in Barcelona. Well, he was supposed to go too, along with his kids, but as this dark comedy shows El Naza has a knack for bad luck, bad decisions, and following women down the streets of Santiago, in a creepy stalker way.

The trailer gives you a clear idea of El Naza’s concha de tu madre attitude that makes his performance so memorable. And by that I mean, I was speaking  like a Chilean all night after watching this movie and people were very confused as to why I was being so snarky.