TRAILER: Spanish Horror Flick ‘Witching and Bitching’ Looks 300% Insane

So like, first a golden Jesus and a toy soldier and Minnie Mouse pull off an armed heist, and then an old lady flashes their getaway car, and then there’s like weird magic stuff and a Mass and some sex stuff and a hand reaching up to grab a girl and… Las brujas de Zugarramurdi (inexplicably translated as Witching and Bitching) looks 300% insane. This Spanish film was released in late 2013 overseas but it has yet to make its way to the states. According to IMDB, in this movie, “A gang of escaping jewelry thieves gets trapped by a coven of witches,” so I’m sold. It’s not the craziest thing thing I’ve ever seen, but it looks like it might be close.


Witching and Bitching opens in theaters and On Demand on June 13, 2014.